Konferenz Session.

Drop your Excel Sheets: Drupal native editorial planning.

Lukas Fischer von der NETNODE AG hält am 29.10.2019 von 16:40 bis 17:00 eine Session zum Thema "Drop you Excel Sheets: Drupal native editorial planning".


Datum & Zeit.

Die Session findet am 29.10.2019 um 16:40 Uhr im Raum G 102 statt.


Session Abstract.

Drupal is an excellent Content Management System. It allows us to build and manage articles at scale. However, we see a lot of content teams planning content "outside"of Drupal – in Excel sheets or the like.

We created and open sourced a new module called "Drupal Content Planner" which allows content teams to plan content directly in Drupal.

In this presentation I'll explain how the Content Dashboard, Content Calendar and Kanban Board can help editorial teams to deliver better content.

I'll also give an update about the latest developments and features of Drupal Content Planner.

Infos zur Session