Event: "Agile Project Lift Off"

TechUP #20 - 4. März - 19 Uhr, Im Neuweg


Datum & Zeit.

4. März, 19-21 Uhr 2015



Am 4. März findet ein weiteres TechUP Luzern statt. Auf die nächste Ausgabe freue ich mich besonders. Der Agile Coach Steve Holyer ( wird über das folgende Thema berichten:

"How to launch agile teams and projects"

Generate the momentum your team needs. Overcome the gravitational forces generated by "lack of common purpose, unclear communication channels, undefined working relationships and other areas of ambiguity” (Nies & Larson).

Join this discussion of a framework for effective, lightweight, “just enough” chartering. Discover the three elements of inspiring Purpose, collaborative Alignment, and dynamic Context. Learn why team members say Agile Chartering provided the initial momentum that powered their ventures toward success.

Many teams are already doing some elements of Liftoff. After you hear this story, you'll make sure that your Liftoffs include so much more. Even if you think your project is too far gone, it's also never too late to accomplish your Liftoff.

Wann und Wo

Datum: 4. März, 19-21 Uhr
Ort: Coworking Space Im Neuweg, (Neuweg 3, Luzern)


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